Personal Tax checklist

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This form is not an all-inclusive form, it is intended to help you prepare all the information and paper work needed for the preparation of your personal tax return.

How to use this form:

  1. Fill in the personal information section.
  2. Make an Appointment if you have any complex financial Situation (Rental, investments) or if you have any questions. Click Here to Book an appointment
  3. Print this checklist and use it to gather all the papers that are needed for your personal Income Tax Return.
  4. Include fully completed bookkeeping income and expense summary for your unincorporated business.
  5. Include your investment broker’s summary, including capital gains/losses realized.
  6. Quickly organize T-slips, medical and donation receipts by type.
  7. Bring in everything in one package, once you have all your personal tax information ready.